How to Stop Cats from Brawling in the Cat Cave

Your feline friends have turned their comfy cat cave into a boxing place.

Tips and tricks

Don’t worry, we’ve got some easy-peasy tricks to keep peace.

More Caves, More Calm

Let’s not make it a cat battle royale! Get a few more cat caves. Each cat can claim their own hideout; no fights are needed. Cats dig having their own turf.

Size Matters

Go for cat caves that aren’t cramped. Cats like stretching out. Small caves can make them grumpy and more likely to have a tiff.

Hide Them Smartly

Strategically place the cat caves in different spots around your crib. Cats can have their own chill zones without any showdowns. Corners or by the window are top picks.

Slow and Steady

New cat cave in the house? Or cats not vibing with it yet? Let them check it out on their terms. No pressure. Toss in treats and toys to make it feel cozy.

Mix It Up

Shuffle the caves every so often. Cats love snooping around. A change in scenery can stop turf wars. Keep the scent the same by swapping bedding or blankets.

Go Vertical

Give your furballs an escape route up high. Cat shelves, treehouses, or wall hangouts near the cat caves give them a safe spot to retreat when things get hairy.

Fun and Games

Keep your kitties busy with toys and brain-teasers. An entertained cat is less likely to stir the pot.

Food Fight-Free

If they’re duking it out over dinner, serving meals in different spots. No more cat brawl at chow time.

Play Referee

Watch your cats closely and step in if you see a spat coming. Lure their attention away with toys or treats if they’re about to throw paws.

Get Pro Advice

If cat fights in the cave keep on or get worse, chat with a vet or pet behavior expert. They’ll hook you up with expert tips to smooth things out.


keeping the peace in the cat cave is all about smart planning and understanding your kitties’ instincts. With a few extra caves, comfy sizing, and some cool cat activities, you can make your place a zen kitty paradise. Remember, each cat’s unique, so you might need to tweak things to keep the purrs peaceful.